“iAM Enough” – Refocusing for the Festive Season with Amare Yoga by Victoria

Victoria Kennedy 30th November 2019 

Victoria Kennedy from Amare Yoga by Victoria took 22 people through a Yoga session with the intention of feeling that “iAM Enough”.

This was the last of our Project’s in 2019 and it was fantastic to have such a relevant session.

As the Festive Season comes upon us, it’s possible that at times we may feel overwhelmed, undervalued or perhaps at times with comparing ourselves to others, not enough.

So we all needed reminding that we are enough, and that we should take time to remember that for a small portion of each day.

The session started with light stretching Yoga movement, before some slightly advanced moves which finished in a relaxation and meditation.

The focus of the relaxation was to remember you are as vibrant as a flower but you still have strong roots to withstand the breeze. 

Feedback from the day was fantastic and comments include:

“A fantastic morning with the iAM Project… it refocused me and left me a little emotional at the end, particularly the message that #iamenough”

“Great morning!” 

“First time attending this and it’s amazing to be in an environment where you de-stress, relax and just have time for oneself… Mark and Stevie and all of the iAM Project team you’re really making a difference.”

“Really enjoyed it, thanks guys”

“Was fab, thanks guys” 

So over the Christmas period everyone should take a moment to remember the message from the session, and if it all gets to feel that things are overwhelming, breathe and remember that you are enough.

Pictures are below, but if you want to get involved find out more here

Pop up Boxing iAM Project in Ballycastle – Cj Swaby 12th October 2019

Coach Cj Swaby took 16 people through an actual boxing session, training the same way that you would in a Boxing Gym rather than just a Boxercise class.

The first of our “Pop Up” projects, the session was about balance and focusing on a target physically, but this also applied to the mental well-being side of life.

In everything you have to have balance, stability and a goal to help you focus and this was represented in boxing by not having yourself planted you tend to get knocked down! Exactly the same in life. 

After an intense class hitting the pads, the participants enjoyed good food and a coffee and a chat to get to know each other. 

The best part of this project was seeing 16 strangers come out of their shells and by the end of the session, laughing and smiling. 

Some feedback from the day:

“Fantastic morning… Loved it sooo much. Met some very nice people.”

“Fantastic session spent with great people.”

“When a group of strangers come together for the same purpose it’s an amazing thing! Different backgrounds, different stories but one purpose and that’s what the iAM Project is about. It’s bringing everyone together and building new friendships.”

Some pictures are below, but if you want to support these events, you can find out how to get involved here.

How exercise made my life – Stephen McAuley 10th August 2019

Stephen McAuley lead 21 people through his life story and how he changed himself from being depressed and using substances, to a career where he is now helping others as a personal trainer. 

As a group we then took part in mobility and strength exercises that can be done everywhere, to keep the body well and the mind focused on maintaining a healthy approach to life.

The session was also about taking time to look after yourself and making your own well-being a priority.

The event was finished by “building a network” which involved meeting new people over a coffee and talking to each other in relaxed surroundings.

This was our first ever iAM Project and the feedback has been fantastic.

“Fantastic morning! Insightful and informative! Great to hear your stories… proof that this really does work with the right support”

“Loved this morning, made me think long and hard about things that have been on my mind presently but I have been suppressing. Look after number 1!”

There are some images below…

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