iAM Strong In Myself
11th September with Rowan Campbell

Our first Post Covid event saw The iAM Project take to the beach, still wanting to stay safe and outside. However, the lack of equipment didn’t equate to a lack of movement as Rowan put us all through a great bodyweight exercise session.

The sand making some exercises even harder! 

The mindset takeway from the event was for everyone to realise that they are indeed strong in themselves and that they need very little but their own capabilities to grow stronger. Both in the body and the mind!

Rowan then stayed after the event for the compulsory iAM chat and talked all things fitness and wellbeing with everyone there. We were unable to go into a premises so the coffees and tasty treats were enjoyed as the sound of the waves crashed in. 

All in all a great event and the catalyst to our new portfolio of iAM Projects! 

Some feedback from the day as follows:

    • “Great start to the weekend” 
    • “Really enjoyed the session”
    • “That was a great start to the morning”
    • “Nice to see everyone for a group exercise”

The iAM Project is all about bringing people together for shared experiences. If you would like to find out more, then you can here.

iAM on Zoom (keeping connected over the Covid19 period)

Unfortunately the Coronavirus pandemic halted our physical projects, so we took to Zoom with 3 great leaders to stay connected and welcome returning and new people to the iAM Circle (all be it virtually). 

Each session had a message and a mindset approach to tkae forward, as the world changes, seemingly each week with Covid19. 

iAM Grateful – Amare Yoga by Victoria

Victoria took us through a fantastic Yoga session to loosen the body and remind us of the things we have and not what we’re hoping for. Finishing with a great relaxation and meditation section.

Reminding us to take things one day at a time and remember that we all have an inner resolve if we need it.

Mark also talked about the mind being like an old laptop.

Too many tabs were open, the processers go slower, so it’s all about remembering to re-set, take time and every now and then, upgrade your own software.  

iAM Opening Up – Stephen McAuley

iAM stalwart Stevie gave us a great mobility session and a tough workout with the purpose of getting us ready for the world to open up, 

The mobility section moved our bodies and moved muscles that have been sedentary or unused over the Covid period. Stretching us and helping us to move.

He then took us through a tough pyramid workout, again reminding us that we are stronger than we think and can always find that bit extra if we need it. 

Mark then mentioned about having irrational fears and over thinking. Likening thoughts to watermelon seeds. His suggestion was to recognise the seed and then cut off it’s power to grow, don’t water it, don’t let it plant itself, it tkaes practice, but allow the thought to come and go and if you can, crush the seed before it even has chance to put down one root. 

iAM Fighting Back – Sifu Russell Benham 

As difficult as it is to teach a martial art over a camera and the internet, not before long we were kicking, punching and moving our bodies as Russell took us through and introductory session to Wing Chun Kung Fu. 

Static holds, body co-ordination and good old fashioned fighting techniques meant we are nearly ready to fight back with whatever the world throws at us. This was all about the resilience and confidence of trying something new and getting ready to push the comfort zone.

To coincide with this, Mark made the analogoy of coming out a cocoon like a butterfly and getting ready to stretch their wings. However that maybe further ahead than we are comfortable with, so he said to be the “Bee”. Join a happy hive, continue to make good honey and don’t waste your time explaining to flies why sucking sweet nectar is better than landing in sh*t!

We’d like to thank all our Project Leaders and everyone that was involved, open and joined us on our Zoom events. The feedback was fantastic and we cannot wait to get live projects started as soon as it is safe to do so. 

iAM Dancing Like No One Is Watching


Unfortunately Lyndsay was unable to take the class, so Claire kindly stepped in last minute for us, but we can’t wait to have a party with Lyndsay soon. 

After some great mini Projects on Zoom over the Covid hiatus, it was fantastic to finally get togther (all be it socially distanced) and stage a physical iAM Project.

So we all went into a big room together, and what better way is there to shine a light through the Coronavirus fog than a Party!?

14 people took to the RV1 room at GEHQ in Ballymoney and Claire put us all through our paces with a fantastic dance based workout, with classic tunes from the 90’s!

Smiles and shapes were being thrown all over the place!

iAM Dancing Like No One Is Watching was about shaking off the Corona weight we’re all carying, and the additions of the glowsticks were so we could shine a light through the darker times and look back on the day and re-capture the smiles and fun.

The event was finished off with coffees, tea a chat and some delicious buns from Nico’s in Ballybrakes. 

A real positive event for the iAM Project and we’d like to thank everyone involved. We look forward to building on the positivity. 

Here’s a few comments about the day:

    • “Who knew dancing could be such fun and hard work! Loved it.”
    • “It was fantastic, I had the best time! So much fun.”
    • “Best workout ever! Thanks everyone.”

The iAM Project is all about bringing people together for shared experiences. If you would like to find out more, then you can here.


IONs in the Sea – How the outside can improve the inside


IONs in the sea was a “Pop up Project” lead by Catie Mac PT who specialises in health and well-being and having the right mindset to be able to focus and work on yourself.

Catie explained how the negative IONS in the sea and the salt water can have a positive effect on mood and mentality, and as well as that movement in the glorious surrounding of Ballycastle beach enhances the mood as well.

So 18 brave souls completed a beach workout with Catie (based around stations of the iAM keywords) and there were laughs and achievements made all day, as well as new bonds forged between people and a realisation that time in a great setting can really be a fantastic pick me up.

After squats, shuttle runs, bag lifts and dead-lifts we finished with fun and games and the great spirits went into some warming shortbread, tea and coffee in the Marine Hotel after.

Here’s a few comments about the day:

    • “Fantastic morning enjoyed it sooo much. Thank you.”
    • “Best way to start the weekend”
    • “Thank you Catie! Love this project”

The iAM Project is all about bringing people together for shared experiences. If you would like to find out more, then you can here.


“iAM Finding Strength” – Going beyond what you believe you can both mentally and physically

Dave Warner – 25th January 2020

2020 started in style as 25 attendees were put through their paces physically and reminded mentally that we are all braver and stronger than we think we are. It just took a few tyre dead-lifts, a yoke and a very heavy sled (along with the guidance of Dave Warner and Stephen McAuley) for us to believe it!

Getting Dave to an iAM Project was fantastic as his record speaks for itself. Aside from competing in the World’s Strongest Man, Dave is also four-time winner of Ireland’s Strongest Man, and a two-time winner of Northern Ireland/Ulster’s Strongest Man.

A man with big presence and a big heart steered us through his life and how he grew to build strength, overcame illness and still has an empathy with well-being supporting those close to him. 

After an inspirational talk, it was time to take to the floor. 

Around the room of GEHQ were log presses, yokes, tyre dead-lifts, kegs, and the sort of equipment you only see on television. However knowing they were in safe hands with Stevie nearby and Dave also on hand to offer guidance and the odd “encouragement” it was fantastic to see everyone surpassing what they believed to be their limits! 

You’ll see from the pictures below, there were smiles, people cheering each other on and a real energy of accomplishment and support. It really left everyone buzzing and the cakes and coffees after in the Macro Box were the perfect end to a great morning. 

Here’s a few comments about the day:

    • “Brilliant event, has taken the fear of lifting heavier weights!”
    • “I’m still on a high! Fab morning with a fab group of people”
    • “Amazing atmosphere! It’s amazing what you can achieve with support and encouragement.”

That last quote is what the iAM Project is all about, building strength in ourselves and support from others! If you would like to find out more, then you can here.

“iAM Enough” – Refocusing for the Festive Season with Amare Yoga by Victoria

Victoria Kennedy 30th November 2019 

Victoria Kennedy from Amare Yoga by Victoria took 22 people through a Yoga session with the intention of feeling that “iAM Enough”.

This was the last of our Project’s in 2019 and it was fantastic to have such a relevant session.

As the Festive Season comes upon us, it’s possible that at times we may feel overwhelmed, undervalued or perhaps at times with comparing ourselves to others, not enough.

So we all needed reminding that we are enough, and that we should take time to remember that for a small portion of each day.

The session started with light stretching Yoga movement, before some slightly advanced moves which finished in a relaxation and meditation.

The focus of the relaxation was to remember you are as vibrant as a flower but you still have strong roots to withstand the breeze. 

Feedback from the day was fantastic and comments include:

    • “A fantastic morning with the iAM Project… it refocused me and left me a little emotional at the end, particularly the message that #iamenough”
    • “Great morning!” 
    • “First time attending this and it’s amazing to be in an environment where you de-stress, relax and just have time for oneself… Mark and Stevie and all of the iAM Project team you’re really making a difference.”
    • “Really enjoyed it, thanks guys”
    • “Was fab, thanks guys” 

So over the Christmas period everyone should take a moment to remember the message from the session, and if it all gets to feel that things are overwhelming, breathe and remember that you are enough.

Pictures are below, but if you want to get involved find out more here

Pop up Boxing iAM Project in Ballycastle – Cj Swaby 12th October 2019

Coach Cj Swaby took 16 people through an actual boxing session, training the same way that you would in a Boxing Gym rather than just a Boxercise class.

The first of our “Pop Up” projects, the session was about balance and focusing on a target physically, but this also applied to the mental well-being side of life.

In everything you have to have balance, stability and a goal to help you focus and this was represented in boxing by not having yourself planted you tend to get knocked down! Exactly the same in life. 

After an intense class hitting the pads, the participants enjoyed good food and a coffee and a chat to get to know each other. 

The best part of this project was seeing 16 strangers come out of their shells and by the end of the session, laughing and smiling. 

Some feedback from the day:

    • “Fantastic morning… Loved it sooo much. Met some very nice people.”
    • “Fantastic session spent with great people.”

“When a group of strangers come together for the same purpose it’s an amazing thing! Different backgrounds, different stories but one purpose and that’s what the iAM Project is about. It’s bringing everyone together and building new friendships.”

Some pictures are below, but if you want to support these events, you can find out how to get involved here.

How exercise made my life – Stephen McAuley 10th August 2019

Stephen McAuley lead 21 people through his life story and how he changed himself from being depressed and using substances, to a career where he is now helping others as a personal trainer. 

As a group we then took part in mobility and strength exercises that can be done everywhere, to keep the body well and the mind focused on maintaining a healthy approach to life.

The session was also about taking time to look after yourself and making your own well-being a priority.

The event was finished by “building a network” which involved meeting new people over a coffee and talking to each other in relaxed surroundings.

This was our first ever iAM Project and the feedback has been fantastic.

    • “Fantastic morning! Insightful and informative! Great to hear your stories… proof that this really does work with the right support”
    • “Loved this morning, made me think long and hard about things that have been on my mind presently but I have been suppressing. Look after number 1!”

There are some images below…

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