We’re about keeping it small scale, it’s about human contact and connection.

There’s no rocket science, there’s no magic, it’s about working together for a common goal and opening doors to the world and each other.

We want to stage events that anyone can attend, feel comfortable and valued. 

,Our Projects are created to help take people out of the comfort zone and start to push boundaries in a non-judgemental and supportive atmosphere, building resilience and strength both mentally and physically.

All this whilst forging new bonds and creating a network of similar people.

Through the sales of our apparel, we will be funding things like Men’s Sheds sessions, exercise open days, martial arts tasters, post-
natal projects, Yoga, outdoor excursions, surfing, group sports, things that get the body active and create discussions between people that perhaps would never have experienced them.

Tangible sessions where we get people talking to each other.

Rewiring the fact that humans need other like-minded humans, getting communities together.

We want to build this support network, get everyone involved and take it as far as we can.

If you have a project that you would like to discuss with us, or perhaps you want to take part in an event you can stay in touch with us on our social channels or email projects@theiamproject.co.uk


Find out how we’re making a difference and how you can get involved in a Project that may be a benefit to you. Below is a list of Projects that we’re staging at the moment and we’d love you to join us on the journey.

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Upcoming Projects

Past Projects