Mark Donald

Mark has had his own experiences with Mental Health but his drive for bringing the iAM Project into life is from his mother.

Mark’s mum suffered badly with depression and through a cocktail of drugs prescribed to her to
ease her symptoms, her body slowly closed down and she died at the age of 55 missing many years of her life.

After watching this, Mark decided that although medication perhaps has a place, maybe there’s other ways.

They just take more efforts than prescribing a pill.

Exercise and sports have always been a catalyst to help Mark keep focus and a stability on life, family and work and it’s this he wants to help bring to others so they can readdress a balance.

Stephen McAuley

Stephen (Stevie) is a personal trainer based out of Ballymoney, Co. Antrim.

Growing up being involved in sport he has always been active and had a strong passion for exercise.

Through various life events Stevie struggled with depression and turned to alcohol as an escape route, he gave up the things he loved and fell into an endless cycle of comfort eating, making bad decisions and drinking to give a false sense of confidence!

Since then, he has turned his life around and made a career out of helping people live a better lifestyle and providing a platform for people to express themselves through exercise and movement and have someone to turn to for help when life gets tough! His overriding goal is to help as many people as possible and show that you are not alone out there and it’s never too late to turn it around!

Exercise saved his life… It became his passion, and working with the iAM Project, he hopes to be able to do the same for others who have lost their spark!

Gerd Curley

Gerd is a suicide survivor.  It took him 23 years to be able to openly tell people this.  He now runs a men’s group in Belfast to help men open up and talk about their mental health.

He often talks about his own mental health issues to school children and adults around the country. 

He has strong affiliations with the iAM project in many ways.  He was a founding part of the branding team and not only does he make the project look fantastic, he also uses his personal experiences to help steer our projects and ideas, helping others focus on their mental health and improving their outlook. 

He now takes life by the horns and is a full time employee in St Mary’s University College, Belfast, owns a number of enterprises and has just started his second clothing brand –

Cj Swaby (iAM Ambassador)

Cj Swaby is an internationally respected Resilience Coach with over twenty years experience.  In his lifetime he has faced his fair share of adversity, from hospitalisation due to  life threatening illness, to the tragic death of those he held dear to him. With each challenge, Cj used it as an opportunity to learn and grow, both as a human being, and as a coach. You can learn more about his story [HERE]  

As a Coach, Cj’s work centres around  the five pillars of health, and the principle belief that it’s “Your Body, Your Mind, Your Rules.” The five pillars are  mindset, training, nutrition, recovery and emotional mastery, whether personal coaching, workshops, public speaking or online coaching, Cj breaks it down clear ,simple and plain, so that you can practically apply it to your every day life.

Cj believes that you and I are far more powerful and capable than we realise. He also believes that while we can achieve extraordinary things as individuals, we are stronger together. As an advocate for mental health, Cj was a firm “yes” when his childhood friend, Mark Donald set up the iAM Project and invited him to be an ambassador.

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