…This is raw. It’s bare knuckle between the hay bales. It’s in the trenches, but we’re ready to go into battle.
We understand the fight of Mental Health and how other people don’t understand it.

We want to make a difference from the ground up and stage projects where people can find inner strength, self-belief and the courage to realise their potential even if they are struggling. They can also connect with new people and build a network of support. 

The iAM project is also about opening up and by wearing one of our garments you are showing that you
perhaps have Mental Health hurdles, or that you are coming through them, that you have beaten
your demons or perhaps you’re just there to add your empathy and support and underpin those that
are struggling.
Essentially when you buy from the iAM project you are becoming part of the circle and the team that
wants to make a difference from the ground up.
By wearing your iAM item, you are showing you are open, your statement words tell people
where you are on your journey (or you can choose a logo only option) and every purchase adds weight to funding the  Mental Health awareness
and well-being projects that we stage ourselves at a grassroots level not just funding a charity.

Buy your items now and join the circle.


Take a look below to see what you can be a part of, what your support will do and the difference it will make. 

Mark Donald

Mark has had his own experiences with Mental Health but his drive for the iAM Project is from his
mother… read more